Assembly Line

Contract Manufacturing and Assembly
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    Halil İbrahim Direktör

It is the line used for assembling the metal and plastic components that we produce in our organization, making the welding connections and obtaining the final product.

Our customers can procure their materials from our company as the final product.

Our institution, which does not adopt to do only a certain part of the production and to step aside, has adopted the policy of manufacturing all plastic and metal parts on the product, completing the welding and grinding processes if necessary, even making barcode, sequential number or logo markings with a laser marking machine and presenting the product to the customer as finished after assembly.

This situation eliminates the malfunctions and errors that may arise during the production of different product parts by different companies, collecting and assembling all the parts. This method we apply in order to improve customer satisfaction and solution partnership; It allows the customer to deal with a single company and to complete the work quickly.